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Swiss Precision Trucks

the lowest longboard trucks on the market


Operating instructions

How to change the bushings?


SPT GmbH is a Swiss company.

I have been designing longboards and trucks for over 20 years.


the truck

We offer you the lowest top mount longboard truck on the market. The space between board and wheel axle is less than three centimeters.

The steering behavior of SPT trucks is absolutely precise. The bronze plain bearings hold kingpin and hanger without any play. Since on SPT trucks the kingpin is the actual pivot of the hanger, these trucks are referred to as True Kingpin Trucks (TKT).

The unique setup of SPT trucks makes them very agile and responsive. The specially designed bushings allow you to take advantage of the complete steering angle.

The I-Beam design of SPT trucks ensures high resilience. Load-bearing components are made of titanium grade 5 and the aluminum alloy 7075-T6.

All in all the perfect truck for freeriding, sliding, LDP and with great potential for downhill (if you love steep hills on which you slide more than you speed).

To oder a pair of trucks, click here “Go to shop“, or click on the picture, or choose “shop” in the menu.

The trucks are 190mm wide (7½ inch).

The baseplate angle is 45° without any rake.

A short clip of the trucks in action from #broken_split edited by #sebamuozz (thanks a lot to you both!). Have a look at their Instagram profile – they are pushing the limits!

the deck

Since it is hard to find a deck on the market, which fits well, we decided to design a deck that works perfectly with the trucks.

Length: 104.5 cm / 41″
Width: 25 cm / 9 7/8″
Wheelbase: 78 cm / 31″
Kicks: 13 cm / 5 1/8″
Materials: bamboo, Canadian maple, decoration veneer (kingwood)

assembling & operating

SPT trucks are delivered with bushings (damping element) of different hardness. The change of bushings is fast and easy.
How to change the bushings.
How to change the plain bearings DIN 1850 3 ISO 2795 B-101510-2003. Since the collar of the plain bearings breaks easily, you should be careful when levering out. The new plain bearings are easy to mount if they were previously in the freezer.
How to mount SPTs.

Unpacking equipment and assembling SPTs on a sample deck.

Assembling an SPT & deck kit

A slightly chaotic assembly demonstration of an SPT & deck kit. You’ll see, everybody can do it in about an hour.

How to change the plain bearings DIN 1850 3 ISO 2795 B-101510-2003 with a simple extracting tool. Since the collar of the plain bearings breaks easily, I designed a simple extracting tool which is included in the Replacement & Replenishment Kit. The new plain bearings are easy to mount if they were previously in the freezer.

about SPT

It is just a hobby – seriously! I am a carpenter, graduate psychologist and got a PhD in medical and health sciences. During my free time I am designing longboards and trucks – since over 20 years.

SPT GmbH is a Swiss company. SPT stands for Swiss Precision Trucks.

My first prototypes served the purpose of understanding which factors of the truck geometry have which influence on the driving behavior. For example: What difference makes rake?

After I figured out the best configuration, several prototypes followed to optimize the design.

Assembling the trucks.

Impact damage test – no significant deformation measured.


    SPT GmbH
    UID: CHE-159.128.324
    Handelsregister des Kantons Basel-Landschaft Reg.-Nr.: CH-
    Geschäftsführer: Dr. Sebastian Hollwich
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