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Swiss Precision Trucks

the lowest longboard trucks on the market


Operating instructions

How to change the bushings?


SPT GmbH is a Swiss company.

I have been designing longboards and trucks for over 20 years.


the truck

Experience the Lowest Top Mount Longboard Trucks on the Market: Discover the most low-profile top mount longboard truck, with a mere three-centimeter space between the board and wheel axle.

Precision Steering with SPT Trucks: Enjoy unparalleled steering precision with SPT trucks. The bronze plain bearings securely hold the kingpin and hanger without any play, earning them the title of True Kingpin Trucks (TKT).

Agility Redefined with Unique SPT Setup: Unleash agility and responsiveness like never before. SPT trucks feature a unique setup, allowing you to maximize the complete steering angle. Specially designed bushings ensure optimal performance.

I-Beam Design for Maximum Resilience: The I-Beam design of SPT trucks guarantees exceptional resilience. Crafted with titanium grade 5 load-bearing components and the durable aluminum alloy 7075-T6, these trucks are built to endure.

Versatility at its Best: Perfect for freeriding, sliding, and long-distance pumping (LDP), SPT trucks offer great potential for downhill adventures—ideal for those who prefer sliding down steep hills over high-speed descents.

To order your pair of SPT trucks, simply click “Go to shop“, the image, or select “Shop” from the menu.

Optimized Dimensions: SPT trucks are 190mm wide (7½ inch), providing the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability.

Optimal Baseplate Angle for Your Ideal Ride: Experience the perfect balance with our trucks, featuring a precisely set baseplate angle of 45° without any rake, ensuring an optimal ride.
Customizable Angles for Personalized Riding: For those who prefer a different angle, our trucks offer flexibility. Easily customize your ride by wedging the trucks to achieve your preferred angle. Tailor your longboarding experience to suit your unique style and preferences.

A short clip of the trucks in action from #broken_split edited by #sebamuozz (thanks a lot to you both!). Have a look at their Instagram profile – they are pushing the limits!

the deck

Designed for Perfect Compatibility: To complement our trucks, we’ve designed a deck that pairs perfectly, ensuring an ideal riding experience.

Length: 104.5 cm / 41″
Width: 25 cm / 9 7/8″
Wheelbase: 78 cm / 31″
Kicks: 13 cm / 5 1/8″
Materials: bamboo, Canadian maple, decoration veneer (kingwood)

assembling & operating

Customizable Damping with Included Bushings: SPT trucks come with bushings (damping elements) of varying hardness. Customize your ride effortlessly with fast and easy bushing changes.
How to change the bushings.
How to change the plain bearings DIN 1850 3 ISO 2795 B-101510-2003. Since the collar of the plain bearings breaks easily, you should be careful when levering out. The new plain bearings are easy to mount if they were previously in the freezer.
How to mount SPTs.

Unpacking equipment and assembling SPTs on a sample deck.

Assembling an SPT & deck kit

A slightly chaotic assembly demonstration of an SPT & deck kit. You’ll see, everybody can do it in about an hour.

How to change the plain bearings DIN 1850 3 ISO 2795 B-101510-2003 with a simple extracting tool. Since the collar of the plain bearings breaks easily, I designed a simple extracting tool which is included in the Replacement & Replenishment Kit. The new plain bearings are easy to mount if they were previously in the freezer.

about SPT

It is just a hobby – seriously! I am a carpenter, graduate psychologist, and holder of a PhD in medical and health sciences. During my free time I am designing longboards and trucks – since over 20 years.

About SPT GmbH – Swiss Precision Trucks: Welcome to SPT GmbH. SPT proudly stands for Swiss Precision Trucks. We embody the precision and quality synonymous with Swiss craftsmanship.

From Prototype to Perfection: My journey commenced with the creation of prototypes aimed at unraveling the critical factors of truck geometry and their impact on driving behavior. For example: What difference makes rake?

Optimizing the Design: After I figured out the best configuration, a series of prototypes followed, each one dedicated to optimizing the design. The goal was clear: achieve the perfect configuration based on the insights gained from meticulous experimentation.

This relentless pursuit of perfection and understanding the intricacies of truck dynamics has shaped the essence of SPT. Join us in the journey where passion meets precision, resulting in the finest Swiss Precision Trucks.

Assembling the trucks.

Impact damage test – no significant deformation measured.


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