Kit: 2 Trucks with Deck

315.0 CHF

Specs deck

  • Length: 104.5 cm / 41″
  • Width: 25 cm / 9 7/8″
  • Wheelbase: 78 cm / 31″
  • Kicks: 13 cm / 5 1/8″
  • Materials: bamboo, Canadian maple, decoration veneer (kingwood)

Specs trucks

  • baseplate angle: 45°
  • no rake
  • total width: 260 mm
  • hanger width: 190 mm
  • axle diameter: 8 mm
  • bore hole pattern: old-school & new-school
  • distance between the center of the wheel axle and board: 28 millimeters

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You want to pay less and are ready to assemble the trucks yourself? In that case, this should be your choice! Watch my video showing the assembly of the trucks, if you want to know, how to do it (Assembling an SPT & deck kit or Assembling Swiss Precision Trucks). You only need an adjustable wrench, monkey wrench or the like (if you do not have a 15mm and a 5⁄16 wrench). Some drops of oil and a cotton rag are not absolutely necessary but useful.

The deck is specially designed for SPT trucks, but can be used with regular trucks, as well. The cutouts allow the use of large offset and side set wheels or of center set wheels. It has a medium concave and a symmetric twin tip shape.

Please note that you may have to pay customs if your order is to be delivered outside the EU and Switzerland.

Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 119 × 28 × 9.5 cm