Replacement & Replenishment Kit

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With the trucks (trucks alone, trucks with a deck assembled or as kit) you already receive some spare parts that should last for a while. In the event that you need further spare parts, I offer you a replacement & replenishment kit with all you need for quite some time:
–     12          plain bearings – DIN 1850/3 ISO 2795
–     8            damping elements (red 70 Shore A or black 85 Shore A)
–     2            riserpads
–     1 ml      thread-locking fluid *
–     some    speed washers
–     8            nuts – DIN 985 M8 (for axial bolts)
–     1            simple tool for extracting the plain bearings
–     some    polyamide pins 3mm Ø (safety pin for kingpin **)

* Information on using the thread-locking fluid: The thread-locking fluid is the green liquid in the syringe. It is an anaerobic adhesive that hardens in the absence of air. So please always leave some air in the syringe. If the thread-locking fluid is too viscous, gentle heating helps a lot to make it a little thinner. Dispensing the adhesive from the syringe with the piston is somewhat difficult. It is easier to fully aspirate the syringe (with additional air), hold the discharge orifice down, and let the thread-locking fluid drip out by lightly pressing onto the sidewalls of the syringe.

If you exchange the plain bearings, you should renew the safety pin made of polyamide by extracting the old and pushing the new one through the small hole next to the thread for the kingpin in the hanger. The safety pin should be flush with the surface of the hanger. Additionally you can secure the kingpin with a drop of the thread-locking fluid.

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Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 119 × 28 × 9.5 cm
Shore A

black 85 Shore A, red 70 Shore A